YouTube won’t pay all content-makers, See why!


says it will start putting ads on some videos from channels that are not part of its partnership scheme.

but won’t necessarily pay the video-maker a cut.

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The company currently shares ad revenue with video-makers who are enrolled in its partnership scheme, when it shows ads before or during their content.

It could also mean viewers see a higher number of adverts across the site.

YouTube’s Partner Programme is something that has to be applied for, and is only available to channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers and have clocked up 4,000 hours of people watching in a year.

While a creator might be able to spin that success into other income – such as sponsorships and appearances – the decision seems strange, he said.

Youtube company

“YouTube’s already making inordinately large amounts of money,” he explained.

“It’s another policy change that seems likely to rankle with ordinary creators,

who have often felt aggrieved that YouTube capitalizes on their content without properly compensating them –

or recognizing their contribution to the success of the platform.”

That seems to be the case online. Some YouTubers have accused the company of moving the goalposts on its ad policies. Others suggested that putting ads on all videos, regardless of earning potential, may be an attempt to push viewers to pay for YouTube’s £11.99 a month ad-free premium product.

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