WWE RAW Results October 26th, 2020: Latest Monday Night RAW Winners

Drew Mcintyre kicked off the RAW after Hell in a Cell and said that he was sad to have lost the WWE Championship but every time he has been knocked down, he has gotten stronger.

He was about to say why he was there on RAW but Miz and Morrison interrupted him.

The Miz gloated about his Money in the Bank win from last night

And said that Drew didn’t have to worry about beating the WWE Champion because the A-Lister will beat him.

Randy Orton was a guest tonight on A Moment of Bliss and Miz was here to challenge him.

Miz & Morrison made fun of Drew before he punched them both out and sent them out of the ring.

McIntyre was about to hit the Futureshock DDT on Morrison

but Miz took his knee out before they retreated.

Drew smashed Morrison’s sunglasses with his feet and said that he had an idea for a match later in the night.

The miz and morrison


AJ was out with his bodyguard and complained about having to qualify before calling Jeff Hardy a cheater again.

His bodyguard was there to make sure Jeff couldn’t cheat again.

Early in the match, Hardy was dominating and hit a top rope dive to the outside but was caught by AJ’s bodyguard. The referee didn’t seem to mind the interference and AJ got the upper hand after the exchange.

Hardy was looking for a Whisper in the Wind but a distraction caused him to be taken out before AJ got the Phenomenal Forearm and picked up the win on RAW.

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