Why Husbands should value their wives over everyone else.

For every good and successful marriage, the man must learn to value his wife more than every other person in his life because even the bible says that “He who findeth a wife, Findeth a good thing”. This means having a wife is a blessing and therefore you must value her.

This does not mean that you will not value other people in your life, like friends and family members.

Below are the reasons why husbands should value their wives more than everyone else.

  1. Your wife is your soulmate.
  2. Your wife is the mother of your children.
  3. In good times and bad times, your wife will always be with you.
  4. Your wife is your confidant.
  5. your wife is your life companion.
  6. Marriage makes you and your wife one

Your friends and your family members have their own spouses who are special to them and are always with them in their life’s journey and your wife is also with you in your life journey, if you value your friends and family members over your wife then you are doing the wrong thing because you are placing more value on other people that don’t place equal value on you.

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Ways to show you place value on your wife

  1. Spend quality time with your wife
  2. Remember your wife special days like her birthday.
  3. Buy gifts for your wife occasionally.
  4. Listen to your wife complains.
  5. Reassure your wife always that you love her and care about her.
  6. Do not say hurtful words to your wife.
  7. Support your wife in all her endeavors.
  8. Tell people how special your wife is to you.
  9. Assist your wife in doing the house chores.
  10. Once in awhile serve your wife breakfast in bed.
  11. Take your wife on a vacation.
  12. Do not beat your wife.

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