What to consider before saying I do is very important before the proposal proper.

A lot of people get carried away when they fall in love, the next thing is to get married.

The reality is that marriage is a life time commitment that should be given a good consideration before going into.

Those who rush into marriage without giving it a real and thorough consideration will eventually rush out when reality sets in.

Marriage is not a bed of roses, this is why there are some things you need to consider before saying i do.

Hotsteppers.com.ng presents to you a list of what to consider before saying I do.


First of all, marriage is not for children. It takes a whole lot of maturity to stay married when faced with challenges.

You need a lot of patience and tolerance to be able to weather the storm that comes in marriage.

Therefore, you have to ensure that you are emotionally and psychologically mature before delving into marriage.

[2] LOVE.

It is very important to love whoever you want to spend the rest of your life with.

When you are faced with challenges in marriage, with love you can weather any storm together.

It is only when there is love that you can have unity of purpose for a happy marital life.


Try to find out your spouse religious views if it is compatible with yours.

Overlooking this aspect will spell trouble for you in future.

You might even consider your spouses family history with regards to their tolerance to other religious views.



Try to find out the family history of your would be spouse, This is a must before you say i do.

What is the family known for ? Are they a respectable family ? Do they have a history of divorce?

Do they have a history of violence, Are they wicked people or Hospitable people.

It is better you get to be sure of your safety before you say i do, than to be sorry later.


Once you decide to get married, it is important to engage your would be spouse in a heart to heart discussion.

discussions on Where to live after the wedding. How many kids you want to have,

Your goals and future aspirations how you intend to fulfil them to better the lot of your family.

It is important to hear each others views on important marital issues and be sure you guys are on the same page.


The issue of money in any relationship can not be over emphasized.

A lot of marriages have ended in divorce as result of financial issues.

How much you and your would be earn should be known by both of you.

Can the said amount be able to sustain you when the kids start coming or you need to change jobs.

Hence if you do not want to end up as a statistic in divorce history, Then ensure you do not leave the issue of income out,


You might want to consider the health history of your partner before you say i do.

Find out if your partner have a terminal illness or an on and off kind of sickness.

If it is something you can handle fine and good but if not opt out.

This is so, because no one wants to be taken unawares when health challenges arises after the wedding.



marriage is not a child’s play. This is why you must enter it with your eyes wide open.

Don’t be deceived by the fanfare of the wedding day of how everyone dresses to impress and all that.

When the party is over that is when the consequences of your decision to marry your partner will begin to manifest, good or bad.

If you and your spouse have AS as you genotype, you stand the risk of giving birth to an SS Baby.

The implication is that you and the children you are going to give birth to may suffer unduly if they happen to have sickle cell Anemia.

Hence, being sure of you and your partners genotype compatibility is one way to ensure a stress free married life.

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