These days it is important to harm ourselves with ways to prevent a heart attack.

The rate at which people die of heart attack is so alarming.

Hence it is very important to harm yourselves with ways to prevent an attack., presents to you ways to prevent an heart attack.

[1] Keep an healthy weight.

Being Overweight or Obesity is a factor that promotes an heart attack.

It is also Linked to other risk factors like, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Simply by controlling your weight you can lower these risks.


The value of exercising cannot be over emphasised.

Regular exercises would help control your weight and improve blood circulation.

Therefore, you should lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, to ensure a healthy heart


Smoking of cigarette increases your blood pressure which puts you at risk of a heart failure.

When you avoid smoking, You keep your heart in good healthy condition.


There is a difference between eating any food you come across and eating healthy.

TO eat healthy, entails eating a balanced diet in the right quantity.

There are foods you should stay away from to avoid the risk of an heart attack.

Example of such foods are;- SODA, MAGERINE, HAMBURGER, any food made with flour, ALCOHOL.


It is recommended that an adult should have at least eight hours of sleep in a day.

Hence, any one who sleeps less than 6,or seven hours in a day stands the risk of an heart attack.


By staying physically active, I mean, you should not stay idle, Be up and doing.

Hence engaging in physical activities will keep your heart pumping and healthy.

Therefore keeping at bay the risk of an heart attack.


Eating more fruits and vegetables is known to help cut back on foods that have high calories.

This will in turn help control your weight because fruits and vegetables are low in calories.

fruits and vegetables are also rich in dietary fiber, This will ensure a healthy heart.

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