Uses of Breast milk Aside from Breastfeeding.

Breast milk has diverse nutritional benefits for both the baby and the mother’s health. However, breast milk is also used as a home remedy for various ill conditions.

This article will highlight the various uses of breast milk aside from breastfeeding.

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Ear Infection

Breast milk contains a high level of Immunoglobulin- An antibody that protects babies from infections.  Breast milk can also be used as a home remedy for ear infections. Add a few drops of breast milk into the affected area of your ear every few hours, this will help clear the infection quickly.

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As a Soap

Breast milk has an amazing benefit on the human skin, it makes the skin soft, smooth, gentle and helps reduce excess oil in the skin. Some stores sell soap made from human breast milk.

Treat Insect Bites

Most times, breast milk can be used to treat insect bites from ants or mosquitoes.

However, It contains anti-inflammatory chemicals that help regulate the body’s immune system response.

Apply a drop of breast milk on the insect bite and allow it to dry to bring quick relief from the itching.

For Acne

One of the uses of breast milk for skin conditions is to treat acne. Applying breast milk over the acne-affected

area reduces the acne.

Touching a cotton ball soaked in breast milk over the affected area will help in clearing up the baby acne and prevent harmful medications.

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How to Use Breast Milk for Conjunctivitis

A drop of breast milk can treat eye infections like conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

Apply  2 drops of breast milk in the affected eye using an eye-dropper to help clear up the infection.

The antibodies in breast milk can fight off the viruses or bacteria in the eye that is causing the infection.

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