There are certain things that attract a man to a woman and there are also some things that men find unattractive in a woman.

In this article, we will highlight the things men find unattractive in a woman.

Heavy Foundation

Foundation makes your skin look healthy and smooth. It can even out your complexion and improve your skin tone. If it is visible, but then men find it unattractive if applied too much.  Thoroughly blend it with your skin – that’s the only way to avoid the masking effect.

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Dry Skin

It’s unpleasant to touch dry skin. Scurfy elbows or heels look awful. Men find this unattractive. Use moisturizing and nourishing shower gels, creams and body lotions after a shower.

Bad Breath

Bad breath will never attract the opposite sex. So it is advisable to think of the reason that causes the problem. Are you a smoker? Or is it just your poor hygiene? Maybe you drink too much coffee, black tea, or red wine? etc, do your best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Too Much Fragrance

Perfume is created to help you feel and smell good. But too much of a good thing is never right. A drop of your favorite perfume is enough to make a man pay attention to you. Make your perfume your little secret. That’s the best way to keep a man wondering and imagining a lot of beautiful things about your personality.

Intricate Hairstyle

An intricate hairstyle is alright for a carnival or an extravagant photo session in a studio. In all other situations, natural-looking hair is preferred. It’s far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays, and other hair products.

Yellowish Teeth

Yellowish teeth is another thing men find so unattractive in women. they can’t stand it when you smile at them with yellow teeth. so it is advisable to find a solution to it. There are many things you can use to get white teeth. You can use whitening toothpaste or strips to make your smile brighter and carry breath dragees in your handbag.

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