Tempted to cheat? how to overcome

it has been established that no matter how much you love your partner or spouse, some times there are people

you meet that you still find attractive or there seems to be a chemistry between you both that makes it hard for

you to resist the temptation of having an affair with them.

Below are steps you can take to overcome the temptation to cheat.

Tempted to cheat? how to overcome

Tempted to cheat

1. The fear of God

it is in the bible that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. if the fear of God is in you, it is difficult to cheat

someone else let alone your partner because you will always be conscious of the presence of God around you,

that will always keep you in check in case you find yourself feeling the urge to cheat.

2. Seek for help

it is better you seek help from a professional who can counsel you and help you overcome the urge to cheat than

to betray your partner by cheating on them.

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3. Manage your emotion

There are times you get so emotional about issues of life and you run to a friend or someone of the opposite sex

for help before you realize it you unknowingly become so close to that person, this can put you in a dangerous

situation to cheat. Trust me, you may eventually get what you didn’t bargain for, by getting romantically involved

with that person that is not your partner, thereby cheating on your spouse, which may lead to a break up with your partner.

4. Make up your mind

To overcome the temptation to cheat, you need to be determined in your heart to resist the temptation to cheat. You have to avoid any situation that would make you cheat,  like not getting too close with anyone who is not your spouse or partner.

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5. Confide in your partner

When you feel the urge to cheat on your partner it is best you discuss how you feel with your partner,

so you both can find a solution to the problem than to think you can handle it all by yourself.

it is said that 2 heads are better than one. when it comes to resisting the temptation to cheat on your partner,

two heads are truly better than one, trust me. Bringing your partner into the picture will surely put the other

person off your back.

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