presents to you style mistakes to avoid on a first date.

Dressing For The Wrong Type of Date.

You might think that wearing a seductive dress is an ideal way to look amazing on your first date.

Rather than feeling uncomfortable and awkward with these dresses, put on a dress that you feel comfortable in and a dress that is suitable for the occasion.

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Looking Unapproachable.

When going on a first date, ensure you are moderate in whatever you put on.

Ensure that you don’t look too expensive or shabbily dressed. Make sure you look attractive but not too loud. When going out on your first date moderation is the key when it comes to your appearance.

 Applying Too Much Makeup.


Too much makeup doesn’t appear decent when going for a first date.

Apply your makeup with moderation, when it comes to makeup on the first date make it light and simple.

This makes you appear more natural and decent.

You can consult a makeup artist to help you out if you are not able to pull it off on your own.

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Overly Ambitious.

Being overly-ambitious can sometimes ruin everything.

Sometimes in trying to impress your date, you find yourself overdressing by putting on clothes that are rather too expensive or rather too exaggerated for the occasion.

Rather than looking like a scarecrow on your first date, it is advisable you consult a professional stylist to help you out.

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