Simple Tips on how to Overcome fear

Overcoming fear may sound easier said than done When you are in the thick of fear, it’s hard to see a way out..

But there’s always a way out !

The good news is that, because you are the root cause of your fears, you are also the solution to them.

Listed below are simple tips which will help you overcome your fears.


However, none of this will be possible if you aren’t ready to face your fears.So to overcome your fears,follows the steps listed below,”‘

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1. Identify Your Fears Through Writing

Feel free to write out your emotions whenever you don feel alright!

2. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful for what life has given you is the key to ultimate happiness. Practice Gratitude is an art in itself. 

It allows you to become aware, recognize, and appreciate all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that have happened to you. The custom of being grateful enhances your positive emotions. It changes the way you see yourself and others. 

A woman showing gratitude

3. Release Control

4. Recite Positive Affirmations

5. Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

The next time that you feel threatened by fear, I encourage you to pull upon one or more of the above strategies. Change your relationship with fear.

Instead of letting it knock you down, use it as motivation to grow and achieve more

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