Signs are one of the inevitable ways of showing how true something or a feeling is. Which is why a boyfriend who really missed you can not hide the fact no matter how hard.

He may be showing off this signs without, and expecting your observation in vain if you don’t go through the list below:

If he misses you, this 10 things will happen:

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He’ll Say it Directly to You.

He is always ready to express how much he misses you.

Therefore he walks up to you, looks you in the eye and tells you that he misses you.

This is a prevalent way most guys express themselves.

Guys keep your stuff when they miss you.

He really keeps your stuff to remind him every time about you. These happen mostly in breakups.

Also, your stuff makes him feel really close to you and desire you more.

Even the smallest stuff you can think of can mean a lot to a guy.

Habits that can ruin your relationship

He asks your friends for any updates or signs about you.

Sometimes a guy can go extra miles to know your friends and related with them just to reach you. Since your man is badly missing you, he will ask your friends for an update about you. Your new walking steps, your new laughing style, your latest perfumes. e.t.c. This is a very good sign that he misses you.

He writes you letters or poetry as a sign that he misses you.

 Naturally, men tend to express themselves verbally rather than writing. But when the odds are against him, he resolves to write you poems and letters just to express how much he misses you. Sending you love texts and miss you messages is also another way he expresses himself.

He keeps the conversation going.

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Whenever he calls or texts you, he will never want to end the conversation.

He always wishes to talk to you at every given opportunity.

This is another way to know that he misses you.

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He always talks about you.

When someone misses you, he talks about you with his friends and colleagues.

He wants other people to know how crazy he is about you and to also prove that he is thinking badly about you.

He insists on seeing you.

When he misses you, he will always be looking forward to seeing you.

Calling you on phone is not always satisfying for him, he always makes further efforts on seeing you.

This is a raw fact that he is missing you and he is desperately waiting to see you.

He suggests video chatting.

When he really misses you, he will, by all means, look forward to seeing your pretty face, voice, and smiles.

However, he opts for video chats.

He can’t help it. He misses you after seeing you in a long while.

He can, therefore, stay on the cam over hours just to see your pretty face.

Habits that can ruin your relationship

He calls you all the time.

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It is very rampant to see guys who miss their girls call them overtime.

Verily, he misses you a lot. He can’t spend a whole day without giving you many calls.

He is always anxious to hear from you and hear you speak.

Your voice is like music to his ears.

Leaving Comments on Social Media.

Text and calls might not be enough for him to profess how much he misses you.

Also, he follows you on social media platforms and he is always looking forward to seeing your posts.

He is very anxious about your activities, comments, post e.t.c.

He lives his own comments for you to notice and chat him up.