Signs that you may soon get divorced

Are you observing that your relationship is going in a different direction from how it first started? and you are worried that it is getting to an end? This article has listed out the thing that leads to divorce. So you can take note and make corrections before it too late. However, if you find out that your relationship is going through any of the listed steps below, kindly visit a marriage counselor for counseling and advice.

Below are signs that you may soon get divorced.

You don’t eat together anymore.

This may seem like a minor issue but it is an indication of major problems. When you stop eating together it means that either one of the partners involved in the relationship has begun to lose interest in the relationship.

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Signs that you may soon get divorced.

Signs that you may soon get divorces

You’re only staying because of your children.

Nowadays, it is commonly believed that a relationship lasts longer only because children are involved, this is very wrong.

“That is a sign that there’s no connection between you and your partner, or you two have invested so much energy into the children that you’re not investing any into yourselves”.

Love should be the reason for everything in a relationship, not the kids. although kids are also very important in a marriage relationship. One day, your kids will surely leave your house to start their own lives.

 You are no longer having fun with your partner.

It is observed that couples who play together will always stay together.

Watch out if there’s no more fun, laughter, comradeship, and bonding then the relationship is surely getting to an end.

You live separate lives.

 “Happy couples feel connected to each other even when they’re not physically together”.

If you’ve been making decisions without your partner. and it gets into your awareness, or you straight-up don’t care about how they’d react, or you aren’t interested in your partner’s life, well, those are all bad signs. It’s not just the living separate lives part that’s the issue, it’s the fact you (or them, or both of you) couldn’t care less about doing so.

You are not having sex anymore.

If there are no health issues preventing sex but there are no sexual relationships, you or your partner have no interest, desire, or attraction that a sign you two aren’t connected”.

Good sex is the glue that holds together a relationship and patches it up, according to Eaker Weil.

There’s no more respect for each other.

If your partner makes decisions or engages in actions that they know would hurt you Or they make life-altering decisions without even consulting you especially when

they know you wouldn’t support it. That’s a sign that the marriage is in real trouble.

You don’t want to come home.

If you find yourself wanting to stay at the office late or sleep at your friend’s place just to limit how

much time you’re around your spouse, that’s not a sign to ignore.

It is a sign that you are losing interest in your spouse that is why you don’t feel comfortable

staying around him/her.

Similarly, if the sound of your partner’s key opening the door fills you with anxiety or dread, your marriage isn’t working right now.

The thought of ending the relationship is a relief.