Signs that indicate you are a side chick

Are you wondering if you own the guy or a side chick? This article has outlined the list of all the signs and behavior you will notice in a guy if you are his side chick.


All the signs that you are a side chick

Below are the signs that indicate you are a side chick

He doesn’t pick up your calls

If you noticed  that your partner has not been picking your call, even when you are sure that he is not in work at that particular time, then he returns the call after three  or four hours with meaningless excuses, then Perhaps he’s with his family or girlfriend and he doesn’t want them to know about you. But don’t jump into conclusions with just this one, but if he’s not picking up your calls, and also doing other things on this list then, watch out.

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He doesn’t open up

If he really loves you, he will start making future plans with you and he will ask you for your opinion on work-related matters or family matters, that will give you a clue that he considers you as a special person in his life.

But if he doesn’t discuss any family, friends or work-related issue with you then he does not consider you as a wife, therefore, you are likely his side chick.

you never get to meet his friends

Every man that loves you will always introduce you to his close friends.

He really cares so much about his friend’s opinions and will proudly show you off.

He will always invite his friends to hangouts with both of you.

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None of your photos are on his phone/house.

If your guy doesn’t have your picture on his phone, house or even post them on social media then he is basically preventing the public from knowing that he is in a relationship with you.

Most definitely, you are his side chick because there are occasions like birthdays, graduation, friendship anniversary, work promotion, scholarship among others for him to celebrate you on social media.

And if he warns you not to repost any of his photos or post on social media, then you have to watch out.

He’s always overprotective of his phone.

 Nobody would be so protective of their phones if they are not hiding something important or hiding a secret. If he’s deleting his entire call log every day, then there’s something to question.

In addition, if he always walks away from you when texting or talking on the phone, that’s something to be suspicious of.

 He doesn’t visit you that much.

 If he takes you as his girlfriend, he will always visit you as much as possible either to check on you or for other reasons.

However, as a side chick, he only sees you once and when he feels like.

He will visit you but will dedicate most of his time to his actual partner. So, if he’s not giving you his time, then you ain’t his main girl.

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He calls you once a while. 

Communication is very important in every relationship if he calls you once a while or only when he wants you for a purpose then definitely,  you aren’t his real chick.

You don’t go on dates

Married couples are even advised to go on dates to spice up their relationship.

Within the first six months of dating, couples are to spent more time together to know each other and have fun as well.

They spend Friday evenings and weekends at the movie theatre, shopping at the mall or popular restaurant.

If he doesn’t take you out of the house, there’s a reason.

Paying more attention to another girl.

 If you found out that he has another woman that he is giving more attention to, he is always chatting or calling her even in your presence, then you can be damn sure that she’s his girlfriend.

If he’s not treating you as his partner, then you’re the side chick in this story. The other girl he pays more attention to is the special one.

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