Secrets that are OK to keep from your partner.

You and your partner should know a lot about each other before you finally decide to spend your life together.

But in some cases, keeping some secrets from your partner is OK. This article will be talking about the secret that are Ok to keep from your partner.

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Any feelings for your ex

“It’s OK not to know if your partner has a place in their heart for an ex, Same goes for your feelings for your ex.

“Those kinds of conversations can make partners feel insecure.

It’s not necessary to make such a conversation with your partner.

Your Best Friend’s Secret

Many people assume that when a close friend says don’t tell anyone this secret, their partner is the only exception to the rule. But you and your spouse are not a single entity, and unless she specifically says it’s okay to share information about her illness/affair/new job/whatever, be a good friend and keep it under lock and key.

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How many sexual partners you’ve had

When it comes to sex, you should know that you’re both free of sexually transmitted infections. And if you’re in a monogamous relationship, you should know that you’re both committed to each other.

Interestingly, the 2015 Singles in America survey, found out that just over half of respondents didn’t want to know how many people their partner had slept with. And a 2015 study, published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, found that about 60% of participants hadn’t revealed their “number” to a current sexual partner.

What you don’t like about them

Sharing a life with someone is a big step,  and you’re not carbon copies of each other. So your partner will necessarily display some quirks that irritate you, but you have to overlook them and don’t say it.

If there’s something that’s really bothering you, for instance, you want your partner to lose weight for health reasons — it’s possible to frame it positively. like, “Let’s sign up for a marathon and train together.”

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You Think His/Her Friend Is Really Annoying.

If your partner’s best friend is so offensive that you can never be around him/her, well, that’s a problem the three of you have to work out.  Sharing your feelings about every one of his buddies will only cause friction—and you can bet he doesn’t love every single one of your friends, either.

Your daily spending habits

It’s important for your partner to know about your debt, including how much you have and how you’re paying it off.

Indeed, lying about money from how much you earn to how much debt you’re saddled with — can destroy your relationship.

Your negative feelings about their family

You don’t need to pretend everything’s rosy” if your partner’s family is being disrespectful. But again, it’s about framing your discontent in a constructive way.

“Instead of attacking character, try to find a solution-based approach.” For example: “You know your mom better than I do.

That One Embarrassing Moment From Your Past.

We’ve all done something we wish we could erase from the history books, whether it was a major romantic fiasco,  or a short-lived stint in a job you failed miserably at, “As long as there wasn’t any lasting wound, you’ve worked through it, and there is no way your current partner will ever know about it, those memories are yours to share or not”.

The above are the secrets that are Ok to keep from your partner.

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