Scientifically Proven Things that attract men in a woman.

Do you ever wonder what attracts men in a woman the most? if yes, then these ten things are the answers you have been looking for and they are scientifically proven.

Below are the 10 scientifically proven things that attract men in a woman.

Their Lips

Results from a study at Manchester University found that lips are women’s most attractive physical attributes.

A Positive Attitude

Men like women that can maintain a positive attitude towards life and are always positive about their outcomes.  Men are attracted to women who are uplifting and kind.

Beautiful smiles

Another study has proven that men are so attracted to women who smile a lot.

Smiling obviously makes women beautiful than when they frown and men are more attracted to a woman that smiles.

Their legs

Long legs are a sign of good health. That is why high heels are so popular, men are attracted to women who have a longer leg-to-body ratio, but if you don’t have a long leg then you can make high heels your best friend.

Great teeth

Research suggests that white teeth are very lovely, and men also find these very attractive.

Glowing skin

A clear and glowing face is a sign of health and men are attracted to that, men are often attracted to women with radiant skin because that’s a sign of fertility.

Facial symmetry

This is when the left side of your face matches the right side of your face and vice versa, with things matching up perfectly from one side to another and according to researchers, men find these a lot more attractive as well.

Their Eyes

A lot of guys look at a woman’s eyes first, it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Most men look at women’s eyes before they check out other parts of their body because a woman’s eyes are one of those things that attract a man.

Tone of voice

According to research, men perceive women with a higher-pitched voice as more attractive.

Women tend to deepen their voices and slow their speech when they’re around men to induce sexiness, but men prefer the higher, lighter tones.

 Hip to waist ratio.

Based on research. Men prefer a smaller waist and larger hips. This is because it’s connected to childbearing, thus, he’s more attracted to the hip to waist ratio.

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