Alexei Navalny is an anti-corruption campaigner who has led nationwide protests against the Russian authorities. He first made his mark in 2008 when he started blogging about alleged malpractice and corruption at some of Russia’s big state-controlled corporations.

Medical practitioners treating Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny say he is out of an induced coma and his condition, since being poisoned, has improved. He is responding to verbal stimuli, they said. Alexei Navalny, 44, was flown to Germany after falling ill on a flight in Siberia in August. His team says he was poisoned on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who denies any participation. German doctors say the Putin critic was poisoned with a” Novichok nerve agent”. On Monday, the Charité hospital in Berlin said in a statement that Mr Navalny was being weaned off mechanical ventilation.”He is responding to verbal stimuli. It remains too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his severe poisoning,” it said. It also said the medics were in close contact with Mr Navalny’s wife.

On 20th August , Alexei who took ill started moaning and screaming. He was clearly in pain. He was lying on the floor in the part of the plane reserved for cabin crew. later got rushed to an emergency hospital but after three days got flown to another hospital located in Berlin.

Last week, medical practitioners in Germany said’ the results of’ toxicology’ tests carried out at a military laboratory gave “clearly showed” that Mr Navalny was poisoned with a ‘Novichok nerve agent’ emergency hospital and after three days got transferred to charite hospital in Berlin.

Today he was taken out of induced coma. Slowly he will be switched off from a ventilator. He responds to speech and to being addressed to.”Mr Navalny is an anti-corruption campaigner who in recent years has become a well known opposition politician in Putin’s Russia.