Roman Reigns was vicious in defeating his own blood to become the tribal chief.

Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship (Source: WWE/Twitter)

Reigns, who now demands to be called ‘The Chief’, unleashed shocking brutality on his own cousin, Jey Uso, to retain the Universal Championship. The highly personal family issue set the stage for an intense battle from the opening bell, with Reigns happy to engage in trash talk almost immediately.

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Jey came close to scoring one of the greatest upsets in WWE history with two more near-falls. After which a roll-up and his top-rope splash. But in kicking out after the splash, Reigns caught Jey with a low blow and later donned a smile.

Reigns levelled his cousin with a Spear, resuming the verbal lashing. He refused to cease the beating until Jey acknowledged him as his “tribal chief”. Before hitting another Spear on his defiant cousin.

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Jey’s brother Jimmy emerged, pleading for his brother to let him throw in the towel, but a barely conscious Jey insisted otherwise.

That was until Reigns proceeded to rain down lefts and rights with Jey unable to protect himself. Jey practically forcing his brother to throw in the towel and forfeit the match.