You may think you’re the most amazing boyfriend, but does your significance agree with others?

While you may not want to hear from your partner a list of ways you could be a better boyfriend
other qualities that may be hard to handle, annoying, or even breakup-worthy.
go ahead, read on to discover what sort of partner you are…


The nice guy


You surprise your partner with flowers, always let her pick the movie, and spend time with her friends and family.
Also known as the bore or the clinger, the nice guy comes across as the perfect, doting boyfriend. While the nice guy may truly be a nice guy, this sort of boyfriend tends to cling on to relationships to the extent that they lose their own life, passions, and personality to become someone their partner likes. This sort of boyfriend can get boring fast and is typically thought to have no backbone or personality.

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The jealous guy


You may be glued to your phone ensuring you’re in constant communication with your girlfriend and find yourself freaking out when they don’t text you back quickly enough. If you constantly feel threatened by your partner’s friends, co-workers, and exes it may be time to take a step back to evaluate why you’re constantly feeling jealous.
While it can be natural to feel jealous every once in a while, the jealous boyfriend is obsessively evaluating every scenario and questioning his partner’s every move.

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The jerk

If you find yourself stiffing the waitress, insulting those around you, or making your partner cry regularly. You may have jerk boyfriend tendencies. The jerk typically tries to control his partner by putting them down, being manipulative, or just yelling until he gets his way.
This boyfriend may have moments of sweetness, but overall he’s thought of as a jerk. Your partner’s friends may hate you, and your mean comments may lead to giant fights, but you just don’t care.

The flirt

If you compulsively feel the need to flirt with your waitress, text multiple people at once, and hit the bars in search of attention, you may be the flirt.
You may mean it harmlessly, but the flirt is one guy who’s relationships won’t last long.

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