Is your partner behaving differently?  and you are beginning to notice that they are pulling away from you?. This article will highlight the reasons why your partner is pulling away from you.

Below are the reasons why your partner is pulling away from you.

Your partner may be feeling unloved or neglected.

Unconsciously, you may be ignoring your partner’s needs and it may seem to them that you are no longer interested in the relationship or you are no more in love with them. This could make your partner pull away from you.

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Too Much of criticizing your partner

Constantly nagging or complaining can make your partner feel bad about themselves. This is another reason they may need to step away from you.

They’re losing the loving feeling.

Your partner may be falling out of love with you because the have fallen in love with someone else. This is another cause of pulling away.

Taking your partner for granted.

No one likes to be taken for granted but your partner may be unable to communicate this with you.

so he will rather pull away from you.

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Your partner may be under a lot of stress.

Your partner could be going through work-related stress, emotional stress or it could be due to something in their personal lives. This could be the reason why they’re stepping away.

Personal space

If your relationship lacks personal space, your partner may be feeling suppressed and that can be enough to make them want to pull away from you and take a little emotional breather.

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Your partner may want to move his or her focus from your relationship to their work, education or career. They may have been missing out too much because they were focused on the relationship and they may simply want to catch up.

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