Reasons why you should reduce bread consumption.

Bread is one of the most consumed foods in the world, especially in Nigeria. Because there are many meals that can be eaten with it.

However, research has proven that eating bread regularly is unhealthy,

Below are the reasons why you should reduce the consumption of bread.

Weight gain

Sliced and packaged white bread is very unhealthy because it contains highly-processed carbohydrates. And It is also full of refined salt and preservatives. If you eat too much bread, it can make you gain weight.

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Low in essential nutrients

Bread is not as nutritious as other carbs food like veggies, quinoa, oatmeal, potatoes, brown and rice.

Not only is bread low in nutrients, but it also causes a delay in the absorption of other real foods.

Might contain dangerous chemicals

Due to the different ways in which bread is produced, there are different flour treating agents that are added to make the bread soft and give it a good finish such as potassium bromate, saccharine, and iodate. However, most of these agents can be dangerous to the body.

Causes depression.

Most times, white bread may taste good, but it has some negative effects on your mood. According to the research published in June 2015 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was discovered that there is a link between the consumption of refined carbohydrates like white bread and depression in women.

Increased risk of diabetes

Bread contains lots of sugar and if you eat too much of it your blood sugar level will rise.

When blood sugar level rises, excess insulin is released into the bloodstream and this makes the cells insulin resistant, making it difficult to control sugar levels.

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