presents to you reasons to stop you from committing suicide.

Suicide is the act of taking ones own life.

There are many reasons why people commit suicide, some of the reasons include the following:-

Depression, Loneliness, Poverty, Suffering, Debt , Lack of love, Religious belief, Stigmatization, Bitterness, Rejection, Bullying, Ill luck, Ill treatment. Insult.

Of all the above listed reasons for suicide, Depression is the number one reason why most people commit suicide.

Depression is a feeling of continual sadness, this results in loss of interest to continue to live.

Depression is an emotional and psychological problem that affects the mood of its victims negatively.

Therefore, when depression takes a hold on an individual, the feeling of hopelessness sets in.

Hopelessness promotes the loss of zeal to live.

Most people that commit suicide have the following negative traits in common.

Pride, Cowardice, Unappreciative, Lack of Love, Selfishness, Unreasonable etc.

When God created man, He ensured that all that Man would need to survive and win in this life is deposited inside him.

There is no problem without a solution.

Most of the time, the solution we are looking for is right within us.

Hence, we at have outlined for you steps on how to avoid committing suicide.


Happiness has nothing to do with material and financial possessions.

Never depend on People, Your Achievements, Material or Financial Possessions for your happiness.

People can fail you especially those that you trust, you could loose your money to fraudsters.

No matter what life throws at you, you owe your self the duty to remain joyful.

People are always comfortable with a person that is always in a happy mood.

Before long you will find help and every thing will be fine again.


In most cases, depression hits you the hardest when you are idle.

It is said that an idle mind is the Devils workshop.

The best way you can beat depression is to get yourself busy.

Engage yourself in anything that will take your mind off any negative thoughts.

In a situation where you are finding it difficult to get a good paying job.

I suggest you volunteer your services to anyone or an organization who are in need of it.

You can also get inspirational and motivational books and materials that have the solution to your current challenges.


Pride always leads to a persons downfall.

Pride is the reason why a lot of people end up alone.

No one wants to associate with a proud person, when they do, its always for selfish reasons.

Why not try to be humble and see how people would be drawn to you.

People will be eager to lend an helping hand to you, if they see humility in you.


It is said that you cant give what you do not have.

Therefore you can not love anyone if you have not loved yourself first.

This is why people that commit suicide have the traits of selfishness.

They never put others into consideration when taking such drastic decisions.

They do not care about themselves anymore, they use any brutal means available to kill themselves.

When people see the way you love yourself, by treating yourself right.

People would be drawn to you, they will help you and you would also be a positive inspiration to many.


Loneliness has a negative impact on people psychologically.

Before long, that person will start developing all manner of emotional and psychological issues.

If you find yourself always having suicidal thoughts, it is best you talk to people who can help.

Never take such thoughts for granted. You will feel a lot better if you get others involved.

If family and friends can not help, go to a Counselor or a Therapist for a professional help.


The truth is that whatever challenges you are passing through, is not exclusive to you.

A lot of people have passed through it and overcome it, A lot are in it and A lot will still pass through it.

There are many things you have that is a prayer point to many.

Why not appreciate God for giving you those things that you already have.

Appreciate the people who love and care about you.

Look around you, you will always find people who you are better than despite your challenges.

Funny enough, there are people who are also looking up to you to meet their own needs.

When you thank God for the little that he has done, He will surely supply the rest of your needs.

When you live a life of thanks giving, God will bestow on you supernatural supply of all your needs.


Faith is when you believe and hope that things will get better despite how hopeless a situation appears.

Faith is not by sitting down and hoping that things will get better without any corresponding action.

In fact, faith without action will end in futility,

Have faith in God that he is always there to help and save you from issues and challenges.

Also having faith in yourself that if others have survived the same challenges, you will also survive.

Take steps towards overcoming your challenges, With God on your side you will surely come out victorious.

NOTE; SUICIDE is never the solution to any problem.

Think about it, No one knows for sure what to expect when we exit this world to the great beyond.

You might think that when you kill yourself, You have escaped the troubles of this world.

What if you find yourself in a bigger trouble when you get to the other side.

Are you going to commit suicide again and come back to this earth?

It is said that a living Dog is better than a dead Lion.

If a particular place or people is not giving you joy any more.

Rather than commit suicide and find yourself in a place where regret is irreversible.

I recommend that, you park your luggage and bags and relocate to a more favorable Location.

You can even put on a new identity and start a new life and live a peaceful and happy life.

Do share this post to friends and loved ones and help save some ones life.