There are reasons the man you love may leave you

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You have the man of your dreams, He is everything you ever dreamed of in a man.

You yourself knows deep down in your soul that this man is the only man for you.

Hence you become so carefree in your dealings with him, by taking him for granted. presents to you top reasons why the man you love may leave you.


Sex plays a very important role in any Man/Woman relationship.

Hence when you have a good man that you love so much and do not want to loose him.

It is important to learn his sexual language and match up.

Ensure you both are sexually compatible, If you want him to stick around for a long time.


It is fool hardy to think that you can change a full grown man.

You see the tell tale signs that a man is not good for you but you still go ahead to date him.

Reasons being that you will change him and make him a better man.

You are surprised to see that he has ran off with your best friend.

What you fail to realize is that , he sees your efforts as trying to take control of his life.

He fears he may loose himself in the process, and boom he is gone.


Yes you look sexy, in fact that is what attracted him to you in the first place.

You have a great job, Financially ok, a good reputation and well respected.

You may even have all the trophies of all your life achievements displayed allover.

If a man finds you boring, He may leave you for a more lively partner.


It is said that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

Some men equate good food to good sex.

This is why most wives that live their kitchen to their maids ever lived to regret it.

Most men that left their wives for the maid is as a result of the maid being a better cook.


When you feel entitled to being taking care of by a man just because you are a woman.

You neither appreciate or reciprocate good gestures from your man.

You might wake up one day and the man you have taken for granted is gone.

Then you have no one but yourself to blame.


Men are egoistic by nature.

Do not ever compare your man to other men especially to your EX.

Once a mans ego is bruised by comparing him to other men who might be better than him.

He might decide to move in with a woman who accepts him for who he is.


This is the number one enemy of Man/Woman relationship.

A woman who is always nagging her man is slowly pushing him away.

What men hate the most in women is nagging.

As a lady, if you are always nagging your man you are gradually pushing him away.

A mans life is already filled with hustle and bustle of making ends meet.

He worries about how to take care of his family, coupled with other external responsibilities.

The last thing he needs is a nagging woman around him.

Hence a man would gladly walk away from you if he has an option.

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