Questions over Huawei executive’s arrest .

When a Canadian border officer did some hurried research on the internet on 1 December 2018, the result left him “shocked”.

The shocking news.

He had just been told that a Chinese woman was landing at Vancouver airport in a few hours=

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It was at that moment that border officials realised they were about to be plunged

into the centre of a major international incident which,

nearly two years on, has not gone away.

The woman was Meng Wanzhou whose flight from Hong Kong arrived at Gate 65 at 11:10 local time.

She was on a stopover in Canada, where she has two homes,

before heading on to business meetings in Mexico.

Further details of what took place at the airport have been revealed

Her lawyers are pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to prevent her being extradited to the US

on charges of misleading the bank HSBC

in a way which might lead to it breaking US sanctions on Iran.

Executive’s are confused about her arrest.

Ms Meng’s lawyers have been arguing that there was abuse of process in the way the arrest was carried out.

One of the issues they raised is,

why Meng was questioned for nearly three hours by officers from Canadian Border Services Agency

before she was formally arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Her lawyers are looking for signs that proper procedures were not followed in what unfolded in those hours.

Ms Meng, who appeared in court wearing the security ankle bracelet that is required for her bail,

who appeared in court wearing the security ankle bracelet that is required for her bail,

was described as “calm” during her initial questioning at the airport

because she had no idea what was coming next.

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Search For Evidence

The police officer who eventually arrested her

after the border questioning was challenged in court as to why he did not do so earlier.

Her lawyers are looking for evidence a co-ordinated plan by border agency and police

perhaps with the guiding hand of the US behind them

to improperly detain and question her without a lawyer.

The arrest has caused a serious diplomatic crisis between Canada and China,

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