Qualities of husband material.

Every woman dreams of marrying a perfect husband someday, this is why having these qualities is very important in every man’s life because they are what every woman wants in a man.

Below are the 10 Qualities of husband material.

1. He Considers Her When Making Decisions

No matter how big or small the decision is, a good man will be sure that he considers his woman and her opinion at all times. Marriage is about a partnership, there is no reason that a man should come home one day and tell you he’s moving to another location for work without consulting with his partner.

2. A Man that will Pamper Her.

A good man will always pamper his partner, by doing things like being at home with the kids so you can go to dinner with some girlfriends or making you dinner for a change. Or even just buying you a rose or send you cute text messages. As long as your man gives you the attention and does sweet things for you, he loves you and he’s a keeper.

3. A Man that Spends Time With Her

Every woman wants a man that will spend quality time with her when it comes to the most exciting activities or hobbies, maybe once or twice her man joins her or they both go to the movies. Even when they get married they should never stop dating each other and doing fun things together. It could be just a trip to the grocery store, they both shouldn’t just feel like roommates on a “hi” and “bye basis. A good man will always make time to spend with his partner.

4. A Supportive Man

A good man is always supportive of his woman. He will always support her dreams and aspirations and be open and honest with her. He will be there to help pick her up when things fall through and continue to have your back through thick and thin.

5. He Accepts Responsibility For His Mistakes

A good man should own up to his mistakes. No woman wants a man who is constantly blaming others for his mistakes. A good man should be willing to take responsibility for his actions and apologize. And a good man wouldn’t put you in any predicament you didn’t bargain for.

6. He Is Sensitive To Your Feelings

A good man is sensitive to your feelings. He should always be kind and understanding when you are talking about things that make you sad or insecure and not make you feel bad. When you need someone to talk to, he is willing to listen to you and not criticize you for things that are important and touchy topics to you. A sensitive man will also respect your feelings and values and not treat you poorly. A good husband is overall caring about your feelings.

7. He Doesn’t Kill Your Dreams And Aspirations

A good man should never make you feel bad about the things that you want to accomplish in life. If he loves you, he will push you to go after your dreams instead of telling you that you aren’t good enough, he supports your dream. A good man will even help you plan and have open communication about what you want to do with your life. He is open to listening and helping you accomplish your dreams.

8. He Doesn’t Cheat

There is no good husband on this planet that would cheat on his wife and not feel remorseful. No good husband would cheat on you ever! Mistakes happen, but there is no reason for your husband to stray. All relationships have their ups and downs, but those sorts of issues should and could be worked out without someone having to cheat.

9. He Isn’t Physically Abusive

No good husband abuses his wife, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. If your husband is good, even if he is angry with you, and you two are in the heat of an argument, he would rather walk away than to hit you. If you are experiencing any sort of abuse in your relationship, it means you are in a toxic relationship, which means you have to seek love elsewhere.

10. He’s A Good Father Or Loves Children

If you plan on having kids with the man you marry, that means you will need a man that loves children. For a man to be a good father, he has to be there for his wife and his kids when they need him. A good father is always available for his children whenever they have sports events or musical performances to present.
If you have the above 10 qualities as a man then you are husband material.
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