Pastor impregnated his 3 daughters.

It is a very sad news that a Pastor impregnated his 3 daughters.

A certain pastor of Upper Chamber Church which is located at Chokota Village, Igbo-Etche in River state has been arrested for impregnating his 3 daughters.

He was arrested by the Vigilante group of the Etche Local Governent Area of River Sate.

The news that the pastor has been sleeping with his daughter was made know to the Vigilante group by the pastor’s son when he discovered that his mother who is the pastors’s wife has been covering up the event.

However, the name of the pastor has not been disclosed to the public.

When the pastor was interrogated, he blamed the act on Witchcraft as he said that it was not intentional that his mum uses witchcraft to make him do such.

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When his wife was asked why he did not report her husband but instate she deceive to always be covering him up, she said that she did it out of love.

When his wife was asked what she did when she discovered that her husband has been sleeping with their daughter?

In her words, she said

He is my beloved husband so i cannot do anything so i decided to cover him up but warmed him not be do it again. I love him so i cannot do anything.

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