Parenting can be very challenging, even when both parents are available, let alone having to do it all by yourself. It is hard and draining!

here are few tested and trusted parenting tips for single moms, who actually feel like being loved again…

Ditch the Guilt

Guilt may creep in. Especially on occasions where you have to leave your kid(s) in the care of someone else to go out on a date. Release the feelings of guilt. As much as you want the best for your kids, you also deserve to be happy and have fun. Take time away when you need to.

Prioritize Dating

I know it sounds weird. How can dating be important when you have 1 million pending items to check off your todo list? A happy mum makes a happy child(ren). It’s easy to sit home and be tired and follow the same routine every day and totally forget yourself. Don’t!

Know your Deal Breakers

A misfit between your kids and the person you are dating is definitely a deal-breaker as you don’t want any friction or pressure added to the one you already have.

Be Blunt

Be straightforward with your expectations. Dating as a single mum is a lot different from dating as a spinster. You need to be able to state clearly what your expectations are. Are you looking for a buddy to hang out with and just have fun? Or are you looking for a life partner? It’s best to find out if your relationship goals align as early as possible to avoid drama and time wasting.

Don’t be desperate

People automatically assume being a single mum makes you desperate for companionship. You need to empower yourself financially, emotionally and mentally. That distinction is important because it changes the power dynamic.