Creative ways to make a paper rose.

Hotsteppers is glad to introduce to you a simple way to make cool, and beautiful paper rose for your clothes and outfits without having to spend so much.

The video above is a tutorial. It shows how different scarfs can be made. Just In case you’d love to use this beautiful creativity for commercial purpose, you’ll have to sit and practice it to perfection. This is because you wouldn’t want to mistakes

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How to make simple paper roses.

  • 1: Cut Paper. you’ll need 3 square pieces of paper to make one rose.
  • 2: Fold the Paper.
  • 3: Mark and Cut carefully.
  • 4: Cut paper into Segments.
  • 5: Curl its Edges.
  • 6: Glue Edges.
  • 7: Arrange Petals and bond them with a Glue


This is a further breakdown or steps so that you can easily make a paper rose:

STEP 1 – 4

We need 3 square pieces of paper for making one rose

So You Take one A4 size craft paper and fold diagonally to make a square

After which you Trim and remove the excess. Now you can cut the left over square piece into four smaller pieces

Take three of the smaller square pieces of paper for making rose

Take one square piece of paper and fold it diagonally also Make two more diagonal folds.

Mark a semi-circle in the middle.

Cut and remove the top portion

Cut a small hole at the bottom

Now open up the paper and you will have a flower shape with a hole at center

So you can take one flower shape, cut and remove one segment from it

Then take the second flower shape, cut and remove two segments from it

Also, Take the last flower shape, cut and remove three segments from.

STEP 5 – 7

Using a plastic needle or a tooth pick, curl edges of all pieces outwards.

Take the first three larger pieces from which we cut so you can remove segments.

Apply glue on one segment, then fold and glue the adjacent segment over the glued portion.

Apply glue on edges of other three smaller pieces we removed from the flower shape, roll and press.

After which you the glue to dry.

Take the largest piece and place the second largest inside and Do not apply glue immediately.

Arrange all other glued pieces inside. Adjust each piece in a different manner, because you’d want to see how they can be glued to make look like real one.

Apply glue lightly so they stick each piece separately.

Our Paper rose is ready. Please see the finished one in the picture below

hotsteppers paper rose
finished paper rose

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paper rose