An adage you will likely hear a thousand times is: “Honesty is the best policy. But one truth is that they are somethings you should never be honest about.

Below are things you should never be honest about.

Your professional weaknesses

When an interviewer asks you, What are your greatest weaknesses? take it as an opportunity to make yourself look good.

Don’t let them know about any problem you have concerning work, like time management, etc, this will likely have negative results in the long run.

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When you think you’re smarter than your coworkers

Everyone has coworkers, and most times you may seem to be smarter than your coworkers. However, even if you desire to share how smart you think you are than your colleagues, it will be wise to keep those feelings to yourself.

Also, while you may think that your intelligence or technical skills should help you get promoted faster in your company, those may not even be among the most important qualities to your employer. In fact, according to a 2019 survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers ranked teamwork above professionalism, leadership, or career management competencies in terms of the skills they valued most in employees.

Any negative feelings about someone’s exciting news

You may not like the person your friend is getting married to, and the forthcoming marriage ceremony may not seem exciting to you. This does not mean that you have to tell it to them except you want to be seen as a bad or toxic friend.

When someone has exciting news for you and you have bad news to share concerning that person’s good news, it is better to keep your honest opinion to yourself.

Your negative opinions about someone else’s spouse

If you think your friend’s spouse is rude, their career is going nowhere, they don’t look beautiful/handsome, If you don’t really care for your friend’s spouse yet they seem happily married, keep your opinions to yourself, Or you may risk losing that friendship.

When you think your boss isn’t doing well at work

Telling your coworkers how incompetent you think your boss is will have a negative result on you. Sometimes, telling the truth at work can come back and haunt you.

If you have a favorite child

Parents may have a closer relationship with one of their children than the others, telling them is never going to

work out well in the long run. Doing so will potentially cause some serious sibling disputes. Also, letting a child know he/she is not your favorite child is more likely to make them withdraw the love they have for you as a child.

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