Food poison can be treated with some hand crafted cures without getting to the clinic.

At the point when you eat some tasty food you prepared the earlier day and you left revealed for a day at room temperature, you may be calling for food contamination.

The manifestations of food contamination incorporate sickness, the runs, stomach torment and then some. At the point when you start to feel these manifestations, it’s critical to treat it quickly as it can bother into something that can be hazardous.

This article will show you a portion of the home cures that will help you treat food contamination normally. The following are the hand crafted solutions for treat food contamination


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Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which makes it compelling for treating food contamination. It likewise has a method of easing stomach hurt and loose bowels.

You should simply bite one garlic clove every day or blend it in with nectar to help improve the taste.

Ginger and nectar

Ginger is known to improve the assimilation of basic supplements that guides processing while nectar has antimicrobial properties that help to accelerate recuperation. Their mix eases sickness, spewing and different indications of food contamination.

Bubble ginger in some water, permit it to cool and add nectar to it. Drink this every day and you’ll feel better constantly.

Lemon juice

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Lemon juice has a rich cell reinforcement that assists the body with mending and help assimilation. You should simply get some juice out of the lemon, blend it in with water and drink

You can give it some flavor by adding nectar to the juice. Guarantee you drink it a few times day by day.