presents to you Must-have hairdressing tools for 2020.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brush helps you secure a tidy and well-groomed hair.

Additionally, the paddle brush is of different types which will help you overcome certain tasks when it comes to hair making.


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Blending Shears


Mixing shears also called diminishing shears works perfectly for removing weight in your hair easily and mellow lines e.t.c

Description: This adaptable apparatus has equally separated teeth on one side and a straight dull edge on the other.

3. Blow Dryer


A blow dryer is one of the most significant tools you should have in your hairdressing kit.

There is no stylist without a blow dryer.

When sourcing for a blow dryer ensure you get one that is very light and has less noise.

The Perfect Round Brush.


As a professional hairstylist, a round brush is highly handy and it comes in various designs and sizes.

It is best to acquire a brush that has both nylon and boar bristles.

This will ensure maximum shine and volume.

Professional Rainbow Hair Cutting Scissors.

Professional Rainbow Hair Cutting Scissors is used for perfect and accurate cutting of hair.

Also, It ensures the equalization of the length of the hair.

These scissors come in different shapes and sizes depending on what you want to achieve with it.

A Water spray Bottle.


A water spray bottle is used to saturate the hair for easier hair management.

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 Hair Comb.


Hair combs are very essential when it comes to hair management.

From combing the hair to parting the hair into several segments and for straightening and styling the hair.

This is a hair tool you cannot do without.

Sectioning Clips

Clips are very important when it comes to separating hair while styling or trimming.

Search for ones that give the most grip when styling your hair.

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Head steamer.


A hair steamer is an effective tool that adds moisture, restores colour vibrancy and strengthens the elasticity of hair.

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