Most Expensive Cities to Visit in 2019.

When it comes to travel, most of us are searching for the best deals. We want the splurge of a beautiful hotel coupled with melt-in-your-mouth dining, but we also don’t want to break the bank trying to afford it.

Below is the list of Most Expensive Cities to Visit in 2019.


Toronto 1

The average cost per person per night: $293.52

Often called the New York of Canada, this charming city on Lake Ontario is such a splurge, even New Yorkers can’t afford to live there. Since accommodations can easily cost hundreds a night, you’ll need to cut costs in other areas to see what the city offers.

Thankfully, you can enjoy a lot of the city for free by walking Toronto’s elevated and underground pedestrian tunnels known as the PATH; visiting Sunnyside and High Parks’ beaches and gardens; and hiking in Scarborough Bluffs, home to nine different parks and a beach.



The average cost per person per night: $277.93

Bahrain, the island nation separating Qatar from Saudi Arabia, is as pricey as its Persian counterparts, according to Hoppa. Get ready to pay more than $5 for a cup of coffee, nearly $17 for a cocktail and — believe it — nearly $22 for a glass of wine. (Just in case you need a reminder: You can purchase a bottle for less in most countries!)

In Manama, the capital city, visitors flock to museums, mosques, and souqs. While you will pay to see the museums, mosques provide free entry and it never costs a dime to shop at a souq (if you don’t buy anything, of course!).

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The average cost per person per night: $284.83

In 2018, Barcelona received a record number of cruise passengers, helping Spain break records for international tourism.

It’s this over-tourism that is causing the prices in Barcelona to rise. You see, the Spaniards are so unhappy with the millions of people pouring into the city, especially during the summer, that it created a law to limit the number of beds available at hotels and apartments. The result? A supply-and-demand scenario where those with beds could jack up the rates.

Give the residents a break and visit smaller cities scattered about Spain instead. The food is delicious, you can uncover ancient history, the scenery is beautiful and you’ll help local businesses that need a bit more demand.

Abu Dhabi

download 1 4

The average cost per person per night: $279.22

The United Arab Emirates is quickly becoming one of the richest countries in the world, due to its discovery of oil. With Dubai attempting to break as many world records as possible, the capital city isn’t too far behind in offering glitz and glamour. Which means you guessed it: It’s expensive.

Known as the Garden City, Abu Dhabi transformed its desert into parks and gardens, albeit surrounded by skyscrapers and shopping malls. Still, you can enjoy the old U.A.E. and ride camels in the desert as the original tribes did. It’s not necessarily cheap (an hour-long ride generally costs over $100), but it’s worth it.



The average cost per person per night: $274.85

As one of the more open Middle Eastern countries to Western visitors, Qatar has been growing in popularity among vacationers. But it is the Persian Gulf capital city that will cost you. Would you expect less of one of the world’s richest cities, which has created man-made islands filled with luxe beach hotels with bathrooms outfitted in 18-karat gold?

Persia may be home to great coffee, but in Doha, that cup will average you $5. Prefer a brewski? That’s an average $8 a pint. And a fruity concoction or even a G&T may run you $20 a pop! An Arabic nation, Qatar considers it an offense to drink or be drunk in public, so most residents stay sober. With those drink prices, you should do as the locals do and skip the bevies. (Your credit cards will thank you.

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Sydney 1

The average cost per person per night: $265.35*

Not only will it cost an arm and a leg to catch a 10- to 14-hour flight from North America to the Land Down Under, but the cash will be flying out of your wallet as quickly as the waves come rolling in on the beaches in Sydney. The most popular city to visit when visiting Australia, Sydney is renowned for its wave-like architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House, surfers off of Bondi Beach, and shopping along Darling Harbour.

We have to say all of the above — and plenty more — make Australia worth visiting, even if it is one of the world’s most expensive places to explore. Who doesn’t want to visit the world’s smallest continent at least once?.


images 4

The average cost per person per night: $294.47

Scotland’s capital city is also one of the most expensive in the world. Hotels average more than $230 per night here, among the top 10 priciest in the world — and nearly $200 more per night than the world’s cheapest (Denpasar, Indonesia)!

The city also lands in the top five for medical emergencies, but perhaps all the whiskey you can find at the local distilleries will ease your pain?

If you want to visit a Scottish city, consider Glasgow. Less frequented by travelers, you’ll find this western city is also far less expensive.



The average cost per person per night: $277.36

The rumors are true: Paris is expensive. But that doesn’t stop millions — 23 million in 2018 alone! — from descending upon the French capital every year, making it the most visited city in the world.

People around the world will pay nearly $300 per night for a hotel just to see the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Moulin Rouge, which cost an additional $18.92, $17.81 and $166, respectively.

Did you know you can take in a view of the Eiffel Tower for free just by securing a spot in the Champ de Mars park? Buy bread and cheese for less than a ride to the second floor, and enjoy a picnic as you gaze upon the world-famous tower.


download 14

The average cost per person per night: $278.39

The capital of Japan is known for having an array of shopping, culture, and entertainment. From ancient temples and gardens to city parks filled with cherry blossoms to a bustling city center packed with restaurants, karaoke bars, malls, and people, Tokyo is truly a sight to see.

How can you take it in for less? The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building doesn’t charge admission to see the city from its observatory, walking the Kabukicho red-light district is entirely free, and if you head to Omoide Yokocho (Piss Alley), you’ll eat delicious Japanese street food while taking in Old Japan.



The average cost per person per night: $316.19

The extravagant Dubai, which boasts the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping mall in the world and man-made islands in the shape of palms, is known for luxury. Expensive cars, designer brands, upscale hotels — it’s no wonder Dubai is one of the most expensive cities to visit.

As a Muslim country, the United Arab Emirates does not allow alcohol in most of its restaurants, although you can find spirits in Dubai hotels. When drinks are available, desperate travelers need to pay a pretty penny for them: Dubai has some of the most expensive pints ($11.56 on average) and cocktails  ($19.26 on average) in the world.

Oh yes, and you pay more than $11.50 for a cuppa joe here, as well.

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