presents to you; Mistakes you should avoid on your first dates

here are the simple things you should check when next you are going on a date.

Being late

you never intended being late. you’d actually arrived at the restaurant right on time, but before heading in, you’ll pull down the mirror to check your make-up, only to see that your mascara had run. Frantic, You fished in your purse for a compact and mascara.

By the time your face looked presentable again, It was now seven minutes late. When you walked in, he was already seated and staring at his phone. You hadn’t even done him the kindness of texting him “I’d be late”.

You know what it’s like to have someone not show up on time. It guarantees that the other person will be annoyed, and you come across as disrespectful of their time.

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Being rude to the wait staff


You flagged down the waiter. When she tried to rattle off the specials, you cut her off, “Can I just order a drink?”

“Of course, ma’am,” she’ll tell you, but one could tell you’ve been rude and she was put off.

Anyone rude to the wait staff probably isn’t going to get another date. If they’re rude to strangers, why would they treat their date any better?



Your server looked at you expectantly for your drink order.

“Whiskey neat and water, please,” you told her.

Your date responded: “Whiskey, huh? Wow. Uh, I’ll just have a Diet Coke.”

“Nothing in it?” you prodded.

“I don’t drink that much,” he said, “but feel free.”

When the whiskey arrived, you downed it and immediately asked for another.

It wasn’t long before you got sloppy, and sloppy is not a good look on anyone.

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Talking about an ex


If your ex’s name is in your mouth, then you’re not over them.

Your date hadn’t asked for details about why your most recent long-term relationship had ended but you told him anyway. In detail.

Not asking questions


Asking questions conveys that you’re interested in the other person. It also entails that you’re not a self-centred person.

You were convinced he was already perfect and amazing, and you just needed to show him that you were amazing as well, so you just talked about yourself.

The thing is, if you don’t act interested in someone, then they will stop being interested in you.

Checking your phone too often

Your date is going to think that you’re bored or distracted if you keep looking at your phone. If you have to check your phone, apologise, explain why, and do it quickly.

Don’t pull a Tara-Blair-Ball and scroll through your IG feed to show your date pictures of the interesting places you’ve visited while silent. Also, don’t respond to any texts that don’t necessitate an immediate response.

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Giving a lecture about your personal beliefs

“What’s your political affiliation?” you asked him.

“Republican,” he said.

“Why?” you asked.

“It’s what I’ve always been. It’s what my family is,” he said casually.

you gaped at him, took a deep breath, and launched into a tirade about the Republican’s party long campaign to take away women’s rights.

There’s a reason why politics, religion, and money shouldn’t be mentioned on the first date. People feel very passionate about their beliefs, and it’s easy to move from discussing to yelling over each other when you may fundamentally disagree.

If you’d taken the time to listen and discuss with your date instead of making a lot of assumptions, you would have learned that he agreed with you on nearly every social policy you cared about. you should have been more cautious about bringing up the topic.

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