Matters young guys worry about.

Guys have a lot on their minds. According to research, about 17 percent of guys have been reported to be feeling nervous, anxious, or worried on a regular basis.

It may be difficult to do away with all your worries, but then, worrying too much is very unhealthy and unhelpful.

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Below are the matters young guys worry about.

Their Height

Height is something short guys worry about every day because it often makes them feel inferior to other men.

It’s not something that can be fixed especially when you have passed a certain age.

Shorter guys claim that they are treated differently by people because of their height, and are considered less commanding than a taller person.

Their Weight

Both women and men are societally conditioned to worry about their weight more frequently, there is always an inner feeling of pressure placed on them to get fit.

Some men worry that they don’t look macho enough, because they’re looking skinnier and less attractive.

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Their Abs

Having good looking abs is another thing that guys worry about because they see so many celebrities and fitness models online having good looking oiled up abs.

Their Chest

Apart from having good looking ads, the chest is another thing guys worry about. Every guy wants to have a good and strong chest.

Getting good looking chest makes guys feel more confident, and it’s more important to them anytime they want to take off their clothes in the public.

This is why guys are more likely to spend more time working on their chests.

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Their Smell

Body smell is another thing most guys worry about. This is a general case because it is not particular to guys alone, even women also worry about their smell. Most guys spend money buying costly perfumes to help give them a nice smell.

Guys also believe that when they smell good, a woman is much more likely to become attached to him.


No one knows when he or she will die, this is another cause of worry among guys.
According to research, an average lifespan for a guy is about 76 to 100 years. Guys worry because they don’t want to die young.

Losing their Hair

According to the research from the University of Pennsylvania, men with shaved heads appear taller, stronger and more attractive to the opposite sex.

But young guys still worry about losing their hair. They feel they look much older and less attractive without their hair.


When a guy is having a feeling of losing his job because of a particular situation happening in the office.

He will feel depressed and tend to look unhealthy. This is another reason that makes guys to lose sleep.


Most guys worry if they will be able to find their partner early enough in life because it is assumed that marriage is very sweet at a young age.


Every young guy wants a good source of income, be it monthly, daily or annually. That is another thing young guys worry about.

Money can’t buy happiness” but most times, there is no happiness without money. This is why most of the crimes happening in our society are mostly committed by young guys.


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