Laycon’s erotic dance stirs reaction.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates,

Laycon and Nengi’s erotic dance last night has generated reactions from viewers of the Nigerian topmost reality TV show.

In a viral video, Laycon was seen holding and touching Nengi’s near-nude bikini body as they danced at the Jacuzzi.

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Laycon dancing with Nengi spotted by the camera

Nengi has always been free with Laycon but both housemates became closer after the eviction of Ozo last Sunday.

Some viewers complained that Laycon has done everything with Nengi’s body all in the name of dance, while others lauded the housemates for enjoying themselves.

The duo has indeed proven that they would be a great dance team and seemed not to care about what the viewers would have to say concerning their Erotic dance steps.

The viewers didn’t hesitate to unveil their reaction concerning the co-housemates.

Laycon and Nengi’s bonding grows stronger by the day.

They look great being close friends and dance partners .From the look of things ,Nengi seems careles about how laycon touches her body while dancing.

Afterall anything can happen on the dance floor.

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