Lawrence Daniel Regina Daniels brother police case.

The Police in Delta State on Sunday arrested and harassed Lawrence Daniels, Regina Daniels brother a Nollywood star.

This came a couple of weeks after she got married to Delta State born billionaire Mr Ned Nwoko.

In the video of the arrest, which surfaced online, Lawrence Daniels appeared in handcuff. His mother wearing a spaghetti top was complaining about the Police harassing her children.

In the video, Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels, said it was the fourth time the police has harassed Lawrence. she lamented, that the police kept harassing her children for no just cause.

“What have I done? They keep harassing me and my children in Delta state,” she kept yelling.

Regina’s mother, also asked why the police can’t allow her children to move freely.

On his part, Lawrence claimed he did nothing to warrant the arrest.

regina daniels brlawrence handcuffed and arrested again by police for the 4th time
Lawrence arrested again

In the video, The police were wielding their guns. The leader of the team told Rita Daniels to talk to him.

One of the boys present at the scene, who is also one of Regina’s siblings, showed his wounded face claiming he was hit with the gun by one of the policemen.

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meanwhile, rumour as it that there has been frequent arrest and harassment of Rita Daniel’s children.

A eye-witness said “Lawrence and his friends were driving to the airport, when they stopped for the usual stop-and-search by the police, when they noticed Lawrence was the one driving, one officer said this one is Regina Daniels brother then they forcefully dragged him out and took him to the station,  for no reason. when we got to the station, the police started harassing us, when one of us tried to capture the incidence, they punched his face…” – SAMMYWEST

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