presents to you; Ladies: 5 amazing short weaves to try.

Short weave hairstyles are sweet, sassy and a whole lot of fun. From bright colours to sexy layers, there are plenty of options when you’re ready for something new.

From varying lengths to a myriad of colour options, no two weaves are alike. You may choose a hairstyle from the gallery below that will pleasantly surprise not only you but everyone around.

Let’s talk about short hair and which one you should try right now.

Short yet Wavy


Take a chance and go super short, adding an undercut; go just above the shoulders to stay close to a length you’re comfortable with; or choose something in the middle and opt for a cute bob!

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Pixie Cut


It is easy to maintain short, soft fibre weave that can be styled in a plethora of ways. This sassy little number can work on most people as it comes in various colours from pitch black to brilliant burgundy.

Short but Straight


For anyone who is moved by simplicity, this may be the style to go for. It features the neutral and soft black colour with simple style detail. So, make sure your side sweep the hair as it creates a simple fringe.

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Short but Curly

The most natural weave to make is the curly bob, and it suits women of different ages and statures. If you love bob then you may want to consider this type of bob.

Short and Versatile

Use this style to keep you on top of your game as you protect your natural hair. Remember, you don’t always need the hair to be straight or wavy when forming the bangs. versatile hair will also create the perfect bangs.

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