Ka3na & Lilo: first evicted housemates are doing well.

The vacation was over for Lockdown housemates, the first eviction show of the season proved this.

Ka3na and Lilo

In a surprising turn of events, Big Brother announced that it was going to be a double eviction after unveiling Lilo, Eric, Ka3na and Praise as the least voted housemates of the week.

At the mercy of the safe housemates, the intense voting sessions began with BrightO who selected Eric and Ka3na. Nengi opted for Praise and Katrina while the rest of the housemates voted away from public view.

A majority of the housemates voted out Ka3na and Lilo who Ebuka announced as the first Lockdown housemates to leave the show.

Lilo shared her plans to focus on her business and get a Masters degree.

Away from the reality show, Lilo reveals she will be focusing on her clothing line and a business partnership she was considering before the house. Vlogging is also another aspect she intends to explore and show the world.

Thankfully, Lilo’s episode in the house did not have a severing effect on her relationship as she disclosed that while her man got hurt like every sane human, he is yet to call things off.

“Yes I did come into the house with a relationship and I am still in a relationship. He is human, he felt it but we are good, trust me. we will deal with like whatever it is”.

Ka3na Said it’s her brand all the way


On the other hand, former housemate, Ka3na explained that she went into the Big Brother Naija house for the exposure it would give her brand. She is escalating her fashion company, go into property investment, and eventually have her reality show.

The Big Brother Naija show is broadcast in 48 countries, so spending two weeks in the house has given them some level of exposure already. Ka3na went from having only 5 or 10 followers on Instagram to over 140,000 followers. In summary, Ka3na said her brand all the way.

Interestingly, both housemates got into some entanglement while in the house especially Lilo. She got stuck to Eric throughout her short stay despite revealing she had something serious outside the show.

Ka3na, on the other hand, got briefly involved with Praise during the week.

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