States were still counting votes in the presidential election. Democrat Joe Biden on the verge of victory and President Donald Trump at his Virginia golf club. The first time this happens since the end of September.

This happened shortly before 11:25 am yesterday before the final result for the U.S presidential elections was announced.

Democrat Joe Biden has won Pennsylvania, surpassing the 270 electoral vote threshold to take the White House and become the 46th president of the United States.

Joe biden

Biden also carried Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan on his path to the presidency, flipping states that President Donald Trump won in 2016.

Pennsylvania was a must-win state for Trump.

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The 77-year-old Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and sought to contrast his working-class roots with the affluent Trump’s by casting the race as “Scranton versus Park Avenue.”

Biden’s victory came after more than three days of uncertainty. As election officials sorted through a surge of mail-in votes that delayed the processing of some ballots.

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Trump is the first incumbent president to lose reelection since Republican George H.W. Bush in 1992.

In Dec. 12, 2000, US Supreme Court OVERTURNED the election that earlier projected Al Gore as President elect ( earlier in November) in Favour of George Bush.

This happened due to supervised recount ordered by the court (It was a case of complained electoral fraud).

A Brief History of Joe Biden

Biden’s father was initially wealthy but had suffered several financial setbacks by the time Biden was born; for several years the family lived with Biden’s maternal grandparents.

Scranton fell into economic decline during the 1950s and Biden’s father could not find steady work.

Beginning in 1953, the family lived for several years in an apartment in Claymont, Delaware, then moved to a house in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe Biden Sr. later became a successfully used car salesman, maintaining the family a middle-class lifestyle.