Is the absence of fans behind the goal rush?

Everton and England defender Michael Keane says the issue of more goals being scored in the Premier League has been talked about by players.

“Obviously there are loads of goals going in and you might concede three,

but in the Premier League at the minute you might win 4-3 or 5-3.”

Asked whether it could be as a result of lack of fans in stadiums, Keane says it was “a mixture of things” including players “having to isolate due to COVID”.

Players praticing on the field

“Players aren’t having the same amount of training.

I think maybe fans not being in the stadium might make a bit of a difference,” he added.

“It might give the strikers a bit more freedom to try things they perhaps wouldn’t if they felt there was a bit more pressure there with the fans

“As a defender, it’s not like in the Premier league we have forgotten about clean sheets and we don’t want them.”

Effects of the absence of fans

“It is a little piece of chaos that has been dropped in,” he said.

players in action

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Presenter Mark Chapman said:

“I have spoken to cricketers and other athletes this summer [who have competed without crowds] and it is easier for your mind to wander if there is not a crowd to keep your concentration up.

“Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas spoke about the adrenaline you get from a crowd

Maybe that adrenaline drops slightly when the crowd isn’t there.”

Carlos Carvalhal, manager of Portuguese side, said:

“The absence of fans in big clubs with big pressure on them reduces the focus and concentration of players as a result.

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