Is Jose Mourinho meshing up for the Premier League title?

It was only for a couple of hours, but with his Tottenham team top of the pile after one of those narrow, scrappy wins that characterise title-winning teams, Mourinho was asked if his squad has what it takes.

Jose mourinho

The Portuguese saw it coming – and took evasive action.

“I don’t care,” he said, referring both to the title race itself and the results of Leicester and Liverpool in matches being played

after he had spoken that would have a direct effect on what position Spurs would be in as they head into the international break.

jose mourinho

Yet, in a way, that Mourinho was even answering a question like that is relative success.

In December 2018,

following his dismissal by Manchester United at the end of a tortuous period

where rows and recriminations were of far more significance than anything his team was producing on the pitch at Old Trafford,

it was generally felt Mourinho was a busted flush.

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Though others might have thought it,

Mourinho never felt he was yesterday’s man.

Jose mourinho

Neither did he feel his methods for playing the game were outdated, as others claimed.

It is tempting to say Mourinho inherited a better squad

than the one he had at Manchester United, which is why he is getting better results.

He remains an organisational coach. He also still wants to be a winning one.

Could he be meshing up for the title?

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