presents to you; Interview: 5 questions great boss ask a new employee

During the interview, the ability to predict performance or what the candidate can accomplish in the job is almost impossible.

If you want to increase your chances of getting to know the candidate as thoroughly as possible in an hour, you need to ask the right questions.

here are 5 questions that will help you learn more about your candidates.

Let’s start with an overview of your resume

I know – that’s not a question! But this statement is essential to begin an interview. It is one of the key stages of recruitment.

Before doing anything else, analyze your candidate’s CV to understand their experiences and achievements. Pay attention to gaps in the candidate’s resume, and to areas in which details are lacking.

Yet, resumes with a lot of information still don’t mean you are in a better position! Just try and pinpoint relevant information that you can further explore later. Read more

The candidate will certainly have much more to say about his/her resume than the 2-3 pages of information on their paper.

What would you do differently?


By the time you reach this question in your interview, you’ll likely have already learned a thing or two about your candidate. It will enable you to assess the ability of candidates to question themselves.

If there is nothing your candidate would ever do differently, then we have a bit of a problem. Life is not about having regrets! But it’s important to learn from our mistakes and be able to recognize when things haven’t gone the way we were expecting them to go.

The answer you will get will often refer to a situation where people are faced with conflict.

Is your candidate able to find a positive “twist” in an adverse situation in their professional past? Does your new employee have the ability to find innovative solutions to try to avoid unpleasant situations that might occur if you were to hire them?

What drains your energy the most?

Questions like “do you have leadership skills and give us an example” are pretty dreadful.

First of all, those are actually two questions in one, even if they address the same subject.

By forcing your candidates to dig deep to find a concrete example, you might end up with vague answers that leave you hanging, or even with stories that are completely made up.

And we don’t want that!

The answer to a question like “what drains your energy the most ?” will likely be more spontaneous and truthful. The candidate may even reveal an aspect of their personal life that will help you understand and predict his behaviour in the workplace.

What is your ideal type of manager?


Usually, this kind of question leads to a true and spontaneous response, where you’ll find out about the candidate’s expectations towards a manager.

We all have this ideal manager in mind. But our definition of what that implies differs from one person to another. I’m sure your definition of an ideal employee differs from mine, right?

While some prefer a manager who is very organized and who will closely monitor their projects, others prefer someone who will give them latitude and autonomy.

As a manager, it is important to know as early as the first interview if your new hire is a fan of employee empowerment or not.

What have you improved upon the most overtime?


Now that’s an interesting question to ask towards the end of the interview! By doing so, you will be able to confirm the candidate’s development and degree of actualization.

The answer might highlight aspects that require caution, or that could have previously drained energy from your candidates. And they might even admit that there are still things they can improve upon. How humble!

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