Infection hits Queens College

Some students have been affected by the outbreak of an unknown infection at Queens College in Lagos.

This latest incident is coming two years after water-borne infections led to the deaths of three students in the school.

It was gathered that the sickbay of the school has been overcrowded with ill students, prompting the school to send home over 900 students. Many parents have also been called to come and pick up their children that have since fallen ill.

Infection hits Queens College

queens college

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Confirming the recent outbreak, the public relations officer of the Parent-Teacher Association, John Ofoke, told TheCable that the situation is so bad and that the management of the school is planning to cover up the crisis.

“We got there around 2 pm yesterday. We alerted the principal and she went with us to the sickbay. When we got there, we saw some of the students being asked to go,” she said.

“One parent we met said this happened before, and when they called him, they said it was bacteria from water, from food. For months when the girl was brought back, she still had the same ailment. And we were asking the principal, ‘what is happening to the food, what is happening to the water?’

Ofoke further said the school has refused to show the parents the records of the affected students.

“At that point, we asked to see the record. To my utmost dismay, the principal said no, we won’t see the record. We wanted to know how many students have been sent home.

The nurse at the sickbay was threatened not to release any record to the PTA. So, to avoid drama we had to leave.”

At the time of filing this report, the school management is yet to release any official statement concerning the incident.

Story source: pmnewsnigeria

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