‘I Knew It Was Fake Love All Along’ – Nengi To Ozo

22-year-old Nengi born Rebecca Hampson disclosed this in a recent Instagram Live session she had with Ozoemena.

Recall Nengi and Ozo were both an item throughout the BBNaija lockdown show which earned their friendship the “Ozone” title.

BBnaija star Nengi has disclosed that she has known all along that Ozo‘s love for her is fake because he didn’t keep a promise he made to her.

Having a conversation with Ozo in an Instagram live video,

Nengi said she didn’t like the kind of friendship between them as Ozo keeps going back on his words.

BBNaija housemate Nengi has revealed that she has always known that Ozo was faking his love for her

because he has not fulfilled any promise he made to her in the house.

In the video, Nengi said

“I don’t like this kind of friendship, you keep doing promise and fail,

I knew it was fake love all long.”

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In an Instagram live video,

Ozo mentioned that it’s been only a month after they left the BBN house thus there more time to prove himself.

He added that Nengi should keep the same energy when he starts fulfilling all his promises to her.

See the video below;

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Ozo trying to defend himself asked whether Nengi knows him to be someone who doesn’t keep his promise as it’s being only one month after the show ended.

How Ozo reacted?

Reacting to Nengi’s claims of his love being fake, Ozo asked her to keep the same energy and when the time comes that he honors his promise, she will see it’s not fake.

Ozo then reminded her that the show has ended and asked her if he has ever failed to keep any of his promises to her.

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