How to make your partner stick with you for life

How to make your partner stick with you for life

How to make your partner stick with you for life.

Relationships are bound to have ups and downs. A lot of people cannot hold a relationship down for a term period due to many factors. so with the following steps to you are likely to stay longer in your relationship.

Relationships take work from both people, especially trying to keep your partner for life.

Improve Your Communication skill with your partner

Communications matter a lot in every relationship, this is why any relationship without any good communication skill do not last.

No matter the distance, communication is one thing that keeps a relationship. thank God modern facilities have provided phones that help make communications easy either by calls, messaging and through social media platforms.

So make sure you keep communicating with your partner no matter the means.

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 Understand  Your Partner deeply, this is how to make your partner stick with you for life.

Understanding is a key factor to a long-lasting relationship.

it doesn’t matter who that person is so long as there is understanding in any relationship that relationship is bound to flourish for a long time.

Any relationship that partners understand each other, they are able to tolerate each other excesses.

When you meet a partner that is difficult to please, the only way you can remain in that relationship is by understanding how to get the best out of that person.

Also, do your best to make that person feel comfortable with you by not trying to change the person but to make the person believe that you care about him or her.

Let your ACTIONS build your Love 

“Actions speak louder than Word” this is why you have to put your words into action.

Don’t stop in just saying I LOVE YOU but put it into action by taking your partner out, buying him or her gifts,

care and also show affection to him/her anytime they are sick, find things that both of you love to do and keep doing it.

Do anything you can do to prove that you don’t just love him or her by mouth but also by action.

Have a dream outside the relationship

You should have a life that keeps you busy achieving your goals, this makes your partner see you as someone who is responsible and practical.

This puts you in an advantageous position in the eyes of your partner because everyone believes that anyone that is able to pursue a dream and achieving it, is someone to bank on anytime,

For your partner not to take you for granted you should pick up a job, learn a skill or improve yourself in any way you can so that your partner would be proud of you and make him/her feel privileged to be with you.

This way you are sure of keeping your partner for life.


This is when partners can exist with little or no fiction. In this case, couples who are able to iron out their differences without external interference are more likely to stay together longer than those who are always at loggerhead with each other all the time.

Couples who can talk things over and come to an understanding concerning an issue without inviting other people in cases of a dispute are likely to stay longer in the relationship than couples who always rely on others for settlement.

Above are the steps on how to make your partner stick with you for life

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