How to know a weak man in a relationship.

For every relationship to work properly, the two partners have to be physically and emotionally involved. If a woman is always taking the responsibilities and in charge of the relationship it shows that the man is a weak man.

This article has outlined the signs of a weak man in a relationship.

Below are how to know a weak man in a relationship.

He doesn’t take responsibility. 

Not taking responsibility is one of the clearest signs of a weak man in a relationship. A weak man does not take responsibility for his actions, they always give lame excuses and blame other people for their shortcomings and mistakes.

He’s always emotional. 

A strong man is always is in control of handling issues, while a weak man is always emotional at the slightest issue that arises.

A man that is always emotional, and scared when issues arise is a weak man.

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He doesn’t listen

Listening to your partner doesn’t really mean you must agree with everything they said. But every committed man in a relationship must give a listening ear to his partner.

He must always listen to his partner’s needs, suggestions, and advice.

He’s selfish. 

Selfishness is another sign of a weak man. Every strong man has to give to his partner and also celebrate them in a special way on a regular basis especially when it’s her birthday or a special day in her life. but a weak man will always look for excuses not to appreciate his partner and be responsible to her.

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 He doesn’t stand up for you

A strong man must always stand up for his woman no matter the place, be it a roadside or at the bar.

Don’t just stand and watch your friends verbally-bash her and you can’t even support her, at least say something to defend her.

Standing up for your partner doesn’t mean fighting with everybody every time, it about proving to your partner that you care and love them.

You make all the plans

Whether it is a dinner date or friend’s wedding, he doesn’t take an active role in the planning. A weak man is someone who lets everyone else work for them. They don’t want to be a leader, they want to be a follower and be taken care of.

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You clean up after him

He leaves his clothes lying around or has food wrappers everywhere, but the thing is, though he can clean up his own mess, he doesn’t want to, Instead, he waits for you to do it.

If he has unpaid bills or needs an excuse to bail an event, you’re the one doing his dirty work. It’s like he’s a giant baby.

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