How to impress your partner on your first date.

Do you want to make your first date an impressive one? Read this article to get more ideas.

You only get one chance to make a good impression.

Below are the steps on how to impress your partner on your first date.

1. Don’t be a bore.

Don’t be boring and learn to ask good questions that keep the conversation interesting. 

Ask engaging questions on their life, their job, things that truly make them happy and really run with the conversation. You will be surprised how much you will not only learn about your date but how much you’d enjoy learning about her life as well.

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2. Avoid negativity at all costs.

You may disagree with a political view, or maybe something as simple as the best type of pasta, but keep those negative comments to yourself. It’s fine to disagree, but to go on an all-out crusade to prove why you’re right definitely won’t rub your date the right way.

3 Try to keep a two-drink maximum. 

Getting started with drinks is a great way to loosen up a bit and relax into your surroundings. However, make sure you’re drinking just enough to unwind, and not so much that you either come off as an alcoholic or just an asshole with a loose tongue.

4 How open should you be? 

While I’m sure your date would love you being open and honest when answering the questions he/she asks, But keep it in mind that certain aspects of your life should be better kept under wraps until a couple of more dates down the road.

5. Confidence. 

You may be very happy during your first date, your hands probably may get a little sweaty, but just because you’re happy on the inside, does not mean your body has to react crazy on the outside.

Take a few deep breaths, calm your nerves, and show her you are confident in yourself. Do that, and she will most definitely like you better for it.

6. Get her to ask questions.

 Many guys believe it is a great strategy to ask all the questions because a woman likes a man who loves to listen, but this is unrealistic. Though this may work on some dates, you should want to date a woman who is as interested in you as you are in her.

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7. Be who you are. 

Just relax and be yourself, your date obviously showed up here because of something you are already doing. Maybe it was your looks that worked for her, maybe it was your sense of humor, or something else. But the fact is, she came because she found you interesting.

Do not pretend to be somebody else to try and impress her, because at best, she buys your fake persona and now you’re stuck being someone you truly aren’t every time you are around her. At worst, she sees right through this fake persona *or simply doesn’t like this new version of you* and declines to meet up with you again.

8. Smile always and be funny

Smiles always. On the first date, both of you don’t know each other very much yet. If you smile first, she will feel you are friendly and become more relaxed on the date. Then she will be more likely to share stories with you.

9. Interesting or funny memories

You tell her things that you’ve experienced. The difference in personal experience is something that allows you to impress her.  You just tell these funny moments to make her laugh and make her feel you are humorous.

10. A common area of interests

To make a conversation go smoothly, Before attending a date, you can do some researches about her from her Facebook profile or her friends.

People keep quiet when the conversation isn’t something that they are familiar with. But they keep talking when the topic is something they know a lot. So it’s worth to do some researches to make the conversation more interesting.

The above step will help you impress your partner on a first date.

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