How to identify a toxic person around you.

Do you have a friend who always makes you feel like you’re not good enough by pointing out your flaws instead of affirming your success? then beware of such a person, he/she could be a toxic friend, identify them and do away with them fast.

Toxic people are harmful to your health.

Below are the ways to identify a toxic person around you.

They are dishonest.

Toxic people are known for their constant lies, even if it is about the smallest things.

They might do it because they have very low self-esteem and they are trying to give it a boost, or perhaps it’s their way of getting what they want.

If a toxic person is telling you an elaborate story, you can typically assume that only half of the story is true.

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They don’t apologize.

Even if they are wrong, toxic people do not apologize. When a toxic person apologizes, it’s usually a trick and sometimes it is a calculated move to manipulate you to give them what they want. They always feel like they are right all the time and will change the information to be right, or blame other people.

They refuse to listen to you.

Toxic people will always change the conversation topic whenever you are talking. However, they expect you to listen to them when they’re the ones talking.

They will seem uninterested in what you have to say and will turn the conversation back to themselves instead of trying to understand where you are coming from.

They pretend to be concern about your welfare.

Toxic people always pretend they are concerned about your welfare. But this is most times a trick to make you feel like they care about you, especially when you are beginning to sense something bad about them.

They have no interest in what’s important to you.

Instead, they will find a reason why your good news isn’t so great.

Talking about the good things happening in your life takes away the spotlight from them, so toxic friends often use fault finding to make you feel inferior.

If you are excited that something amazing just happened to you, you are better off keeping it to yourself when you are around toxic people.

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