If you could really pay attention to how food makes you feel, you’d never want to eat junk. But at the same time you’d learn to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

1. Count Calories.

Once you calculate your maintenance calories, you can get a calorie counting app for your phone. Once you have an app, it’s as easy as typing in what you eat when you eat it. Your goal can change depending on whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.

If you are eating under maintenance calories and you’re overweight, you should have no problem losing weight. Focus on eating 500 calories a day less than your maintenance calories. This equates to losing a pound of fat per week. What it really comes down to, is self-discipline. This doesn’t happen overnight. You have to do the math and calculate approximately how long it will take to get to the desired weight. It’s true what they say, the last few pounds are the mos

2.Adopt Fitness as a Lifestyle:

After you pick up a diet that looks like the least complicated one, you then have to mess up your normal routine, plan and incorporate numerous changes, avoid any kind of forbidden indulgences, and wait for a long time to see results.

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3.Understand the difference between hunger and desire:

Eat what you like, in controlled portions.


Have freedom over your food choices and make sure you include exercises and sports in your routine.


If you’re eating whatever you want including those candy bars you’re going to quickly realize that junk food calories add up fast. Therefore, if you still want to eat junk food, you have to plan for it. If you know that tomorrow you’re going to a wedding with a giant dinner, then you need to plan ahead.With calorie counting, you’ll realize how fast alcohol will add up also.


If you workout then you will have some wiggle room to play with, which makes things much easier. For example, if at work, there’s an office party and you decide to have an extra piece of cake and it puts you over your caloric limit. All you have to do is work in some cardio before or after. This could be deciding to walk home instead of taking the train or run for 20 minutes.

6.Don’t Binge Eat

This will be the tough part for a lot of you fatties. Binge eating. You think “hey I’ve been doing well, I’ve been eating good all week so I deserve a reward for this.” No you don’t! Every time you binge and break your rules you get farther away from your goal. If you need some motivation, go for a walk and look at overweight people, it will hopefully snap you back in line. Like I said, you can still eat whatever you want as long as it’s within your caloric limit. Don’t fall into the endless pit of binge eating. It adds up quickly and all of the previous work will be for nothing. Eat that candy but plan for it. Wink.

8.Focus on Reducing Sugar.

The fifth and final step that I follow to stay in shape is reducing processed carbohydrates and sugars. I love sugar and carbs. I’m not saying you need to cut them out of your diet completely because that would be hell! However, the quicker you reduce these, the faster you will get to your goal. The way I got to my six pack goal was by cutting out bread and sugar completely. This was a bit extreme but taught me a lot about losing fat.  If you’re eating them while trying to lose weight, you’re basically swimming against the current. You still will lose weight if you’re at a caloric deficit, but it will take longer. Therefore, the quickest way of losing fat is to reduce these as much as possible. Stay strong.

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