went down the streets, read the details below:

The online #EndSARS protests started on October 3, when a video of SARS brutalizing a young man in a Lagos hotel went viral.

As of October 9, the hashtag #EndSARS had racked up 2.4 million tweets and was the number one Twitter trending topic in several countries.

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Meanwhile, SARS is an acronym for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, the notorious police unit that has often been accused of extra-judicial killings and human rights abuses.

Reportedly SARS, has been identified with the use of force and brutality on unarmed citizens. Today, we at hit the streets in support of the ongoing protest by the Nigerian Youths.

We Identify with the protesters, and they lamented the bitter truths why the notorious police unit SARS should be scrapped off. We are going to share their words with you, but this will be done keeping their identity completely anonymous.

  • Attacks on peaceful protesters, as seen in the video below:

Protesters reasons for ending SARS.

Seyi Akinade a final student of FUNAAB and forex trader that was thrown into debt because SARS seized his phone and refused to let him close his trade. He lost 20k USD and He committed suicide weeks after.

My Naval Friend almost lost his life to these idiots called SARS in Ilorin just 4 months ago. He went to buy food items for his wife and daughter, he was on a bike and suddenly from nowhere, SARS was chasing after3 youths assumed to be yahoo criminals.

The bike man died instantly, my friend was lucky to have survived, but his lower jaw was broken, pieces of his jaw everywhere on the floor, blood was everywhere. The sars people instead of taking them to the hospital they ran away. From Ilorin, they had to bring him to Lagos

A tribute video from one of the protesters on twitter, for the SARS victim watch below:

My brother was a barber He was arrested because sars said armed robbers cut their hair in his shop so he’s definitely part of them, It’s been more than 10 years We can’t find him. We didn’t get his corpse. We all act like he never existed.

Apparently, 10 people have been murdered since young Nigerians protesting police brutality and demanding widespread police reforms began taking to the streets of cities across Nigeria.

My mum cried, cursed them, I was arrested for no just cause. Tortured, they blocked one of the veins passing blood to my palm, they said I was an armed robber. I can never forget the day… We parted with 50k to get me released… #ENDSARS

To shoot someone in the street because they’re not afraid of you or because they have dreadlocks or because they dress nice – you’re so empty that you would take another human being’s life to feel like you’re something. Karma will find all you wicked, heartless people #EndSARS

Seeing videos of women crying talking about children they’ve lost to the police and I’m crying. Being a new mom brings it so close to home. What has to happen to you to make u have such little value for another person’s life? Even if u’re mad, how can u be that mad? #EndSARS

They killed my brother and told my dad there is nothing he can do about it. And they were right. #EndSWAT #EndSARS

This is a picture with some of the names of victims that got killed by SARS:

Whats your opinion on the #EndSARS protest? should they stay or be removed? Have you been affected negatively by their dealings and operations? Well then hit the comment section with your own words as we’ll love to hear from you…

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