Life is complicated and we complicate it even more. Our choices, decisions and actions are not worth it in life or the long run.

Go through it, see if you’re guilty of some of them and put these lessons to good use.

Dating people who have been abused in the past who have not dealt with it.


As a sexual abuse survivor, dating terrifies her. The abuse had taught her that a relationship meant losing all of her agency and performing sexual acts she didn’t want to. Subsequent relationships will be mixed at best, from the partner who got mad when they froze during sex, to the dates when they could barely squeak out what her job title is because sheI was so petrified.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol, in any situation.

Many people consume alcohol because it has a relaxing effect, and drinking can be a healthy social experience. But consuming large amounts of alcohol, even one time, can lead to serious health complications.

An alcohol overdose, or alcohol poisoning, is one health problem that can result from too much alcohol consumption at a time.

Buying an expensive car if you’re any class below the upper middle.


“However, this simple answer to the question of how to best spend your money does not consider the huge economic disparities in our society,.We reasoned that the basic motives that shape consumer decisions would vary between higher-class and lower-class consumers. Thus, we anticipated that the degree of happiness obtained from different types of purchases would also vary by social class.”

Higher education when you don’t have a plan

You’ll just have a useless degree and a lot of debt. Sometimes it is better to be entrepreneurial and go your own way. Most people report learning everything they know on the job. Depends on the career choice of course.

Dating someone with different core values.


If one of your core values is saving money for a rainy day, and your partners are to throw it away as though it grows on trees, then this is going to create havoc in the most fundamental parts of your partnership.

If you, as the self-disciplined partner, don’t care about your partner’s habits, then it could work, but there’s a strong possibility that if you’re highly self-disciplined, you will expect the same from your mate.

It’s important to share similar core values to avoid constant arguments

Staying up late when you know you have work the next day.


If you’re not deterred by the risk of poor health. Keep in mind that working too late too often seriously hurts your productivity and effectiveness rather than helping it. All-nighters are particularly dangerous in this sense since they’re associated with a greater risk of cognitive errors. Due to this your concentration, memory and mental processing are affected.

Having sex with someone because you felt pressured.


Good relationships are based around trust and mutuality. Feeling like you’re having to do something that you don’t necessarily want to do, especially something as intimate as sex, can be highly damaging to how you feel about your partner. It can erode away your trust in them and is also likely to negatively affect your sense of self-esteem.

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